The Force Awakens – 3 mini-docs I edited based on the phenomenon

Not just any mini-docs, though. Ones with some zest. Like a tart lemon of truth. That was absolutely un-funny but I’m going to leave it in so you know the truth about how un-funny I am. That’s how much I love this lemon of truth.

The first one is a clip that outlines several large flaws of the film, all with quick and easy ways to fix them and make some changes that go a long way. While I did love the movie, I can’t help but point out these errors, most of which will make you laugh.

Here is that video.

The second clip is one that I really had fun doing. This is sort of the opposite of the first video, in that now I’m defending the film against an angry pack of disappointed Star Wars nerds who decided to blog about their ultra-negative experience watching TFA. Here we look at some of the common complaints that I think go a little too far. This one is guaranteed to make you laugh, and cry of deep, deep sadness and disappointment in humanity.

Here is that video.

And the third and final one deals with casting aside the lame and predictable ‘Rey’ theories, and how the ‘Episode VIII Leak’ is obviously a hoax.

Here is that video.

Please enjoy and thanks for watching.

(I need work)

leelustigThe Force Awakens – 3 mini-docs I edited based on the phenomenon

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